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Food should not be contaminated with Salmonella - and when it is, those who consume it can become very ill.  Some require hospitalization, lose work, and incur many other expenses. About one-in-twenty of the victims of Salmonella may experience long-term illnesses, such as post infectious IBS or Reactive Arthritis.  Speaking to an experienced Salmonella Lawyer can protect your rights by filing a Salmonella Lawsuit or making a claim for damages.  Our Salmonella lawyers are here for you!

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Food Poisoning Lawyer Files Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Salmonella lawyer Tony Coveny files a food poisoning lawsuit on behalf of victims in recent outbreak of salmonella. Dr. Coveny is the editor of, an author and food poisoning lawyer who has represented thousands of food poisoning victims across the nation in restaurant  and product outbreaks/recalls, and been featured in numerous television/print media for his work on food safety.  Feel free to call or email Dr. Coveny at 1-800-224-8146 -

Salmonella Lawyers Explain the Basis of a salmonella lawsuit



How is salmonella spread?

By Texas Food Poisoning Lawyer

 Tony Coveny, Ph.D.

Salmonella outbreaks happen when feces are introduced into the food we eat. It can be on a food server's hands or from bird or rodent droppings in a warehouse that is used to process food, or from myriad other sources. In many salmonella lawsuits, findings that animals, birds or insects were in the production areas is one of the most important findings because companies have an obligation to protect food from the carriers of deadly bacteria. 

What causes salmonella? Salmonella, once it is ingested, begins to multiply. It can grow quickly in the intestinal tract, and at some point the symptoms of salmonella begin to manifest as the body fights the infection. Salmonella food poisoning can happen in as little as a few hours or it can take days - a salmonella lawsuit takes different incubation periods into account.

What are the symptoms of salmonella? Diarrhea, stomach cramping, vomiting, nausea, a slight fever, and other, more serious side-effects can occur. Some people will think they have a stomach virus. In a salmonella lawsuit, a positive identification of salmonella is vital to rule out ta viral infection.  That is why a stool culture is so important to a salmonella lawsuit.

How do they treat Salmonella? Antibiotics are available, but in most cases they treat the symptoms and try to make a person comfortable so they can "get through" the illness. As a Food Poisoning Lawyer, "Salmonella Lawyer," practicing civil law, I encourage people to seek medical attention, as the medical analysis and identification of salmonella is often a key part of the evidence in a Salmonella Lawsuit. This is because, as a salmonella lawyer, my priorities are 1)  the healthy recovery of my client, and 2)  to preserve the evidence and provide a proper foundation for bringing a salmonella lawsuit against the party responsible for my client's salmonella food poisoning. 

How do I file a Salmonella Lawsuit?

Filing a Salmonella Lawsuit is like any other lawsuit, but proving your case often requires getting tested, establishing which type of Salmonella you have been infected with, a PFGE match will be done (that is the DNA footprint of the salmonella which you have been infected with), and then the health department investigators will establish which establishment or food was infected with that particular type of salmonella. Testing and saving any remaining food is vital, if not absolutely necessary. As a Salmonella Lawyer, I realize that people are often too sick with food poisoning to think about saving and preserving evidence, that is why I like to talk to my clients early on, and encourage them to talk to a Salmonella Lawyer as soon after they become ill as possible. This is also important due to statute of limitations in food poisoning cases, which vary by jurisdiction.

A Salmonella Lawyer can also assist you in determining what damages you may claim, including past and future medicals, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  For a list of Food Poisoning Statute of Limitations, or "how soon do I need to file a food poisoning lawsuit," click here.

Dr. Tony Coveny, Food Lawyer and Editor of

Dr. Tony Coveny, Food Lawyer and Editor of

SALMONELLA FACTS - The Foundation of a Salmonella Lawsuit:

​When a person gets sick from Salmonella food poisoning, it is called Salmonellosis.


  • Salmonella enterica is the most common of about 2300 strains of Salmonella bacteria - many of which make Humans sick. 
  • Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella Enteritidis account for one-half of all Salmonella infection in humans.
  • Salmonella follows the fecal-oral  route, which is to say, it is shed in feces and then consumed by the unknowing who ingest infected fruit, vegetables, or meats. 
  • It only takes about 15-20 cells of Salmonella to infect a person. 
  • According to one source, Salmonella in the U.S. is most common in the Northeast, and a common source is young chicks and baby turtles!
  • 75% if Salmonella enteritidis outbreaks have been traced, traditionally, to Grade A eggs! About .01% of all eggs are believed to be infected with this or another strain.
  • According to the CDC, Salmonella is one of the most frequently reported source of food borne illness in the U.S.
  • About 42 thousand cases of salmonellosis, usually caused by food poisoning, are reported in the U.S. each year.
  • The CDC believe, however, that there are about 1.2 millions actual cases of salmonellosis in the country each year.
  • Food infected with Salmonella does not look, smell, or taste different.
  • Salmonella Typhimurium is most often from another animal, while Salmonella Enteritidis is most often from eggs and poultry.
  • A new variant of Salmonella Typhimurium, known as DT104, is antibiotic resistant
  • Victims usually get sick in 6-72 hours, and have acute symptoms for a matter of days to a couple of weeks
  • Recently, Salmonella Heidelberg linked to Foster Farms Chicken has led to many hundreds of reported cases, with many having antibiotic resistant features
  • Salmonella is the most reported bacterial infection linked to food, followed by Campylobacter
  • People who think they are sick from Salmonella should fill out an online heath report - called the Electronic Consumer Complaint Reporting Form

Salmonella can cause post-infectious IBS, post-infectious Reactive Arthritis

Salmonella can cause post-infectious IBS, post-infectious Reactive Arthritis

Salmonella Poisoning: Our Salmonella Lawyers Explain Salmonella Lawsuits




by Shigella Lawyer Tony Coveny PhD, JD, MA

Shigella can be transmitted by the smallest amount of infection - a few as 100 cells is all that is needed to begin growing a colony of this bacteria in a victim's stomach and intestines.  Shigella Sonnei is the most common form of Shigella food poisoning, accounting for about 2/3 of all Shigellosis cases.  It causes fever, nausea, diarrhea, and in about a quarter of the cases, the diarrhea is bloody, like in E. coli cases, and the stool has mucus in it.  

Reactive Arthritis, mostly following infection with Shigella Flexneri, occurs in about 3% of victims.  Also rare but potentially deadly, is Toxic Megacolon, or paralysis of the colon.  For more information on Shigella outbreaks or a Shigella lawsuit, contact an E coli lawyer  here.

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HOW DO I HIRE a Food Poisoning Lawyer



by Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny

       Hiring a food poisoning is basically hiring most personal injury lawyer who is familiar with food poisoning.  You should research the lawyers that do personal injury law and/or food poisoning cases and talk to one to see if you feel comfortable with that lawyer.  

Which lawyer you pick is important, as you will work closely with them through this process - including what to seek in a food poisoning lawsuit, such as medical expenses and lost wages, but also the possibility of long-term illness from food poisoning which can happen in certain cases, such as IBS, IBD and other gastrointestinal problems following food poisoning.

If you have questions for food poisoning lawyer Tony Coveny,  just send him a note.  You can provide him more information, commentary, tips, or ask him about recent food recalls or food poisoning outbreak

VIBRIO - Raw Fish, Scallops, Oysters, and other Seafood



By Vibrio Tony Coveny, PhD, JD, MA

Vibrio is a horrific flesh-eating bacteria that comes from exposure to the ocean and/or seafood in most instances.  

The two types of Vibrio include , V. Vulnificus (with an incubation period one day to a week) and V. Parahaemolyticus (usually between a couple hours and a couple days).  

Oysters are the number one cause of human Vibrio food poisoning, along with other shell fish.  Consumers are warned to discard Oysters with shells that are open prior to cooking, and discard any shell fish whose shells do not open during cooking.  To discuss a Vibrio outbreak or Vibrio lawsuit, contact a Vibrio Lawyer.  

Our attorneys have also handled Scombroid and Ciguatera lawsuits.


Norovirus Lawsuit Lawyer filing a norovirus lawsuit on behalf of victims of  food borne norovirus

by Norovirus Lawyer Tony Coveny, PhD, JD, MA

Norovirus is the common "stomach bug" that gets talked about so much every year, with an outbreak season from Early November ot about mid-April.  Norovirus outbreaks are too common and very hard to stop, often infecting whole schools or retirement centers because the virus is so hardy and hard to eradicate.  Norovirus can survive on cold surfaces for hours or more, and have been know to infect buffet lines and salad bars.  Some outbreaks centered on restaurants have sickened hundreds in a matter of a single day or weekend.  Luckily, Norovirus illness is shorter in duration than many other food poisoning pathogens.  For more information about Norovirus outbreaks, a Norovirus lawsuit, or to speak to a Norovirus lawyer, call 1-800-224-8146.


Norovirus lawyer norovirus lawsuit - Norovirus layer filing norovirus lawsuits after outbreak

 By Salmonella Lawyer Tony Coveny, Ph.D.

As the winter wanes, the Norovirus season is at about the mid-point.  Until the middle of April, Norovirus Sydney  (the current most common strain, following  the outbreak a few years ago of Norovirus New Orleans) will cause untold millions of illnesses (an average of 21 million per year).  A quarter of the reported Norovirus outbreaks will be linked to food or a food establishment, such as the Golden Corral which in December of 2012, sickened at least 344 individuals.  The best defense against Norovirus is good personal hygiene, but this will not prevent food borne Norovirus from sickening many this winter.  Ironically, as a Food poisoning lawyer, I get many calls each week about illnesses from eating food.  Without a stool test, it is very difficult to determine what made a person sick, and the default in most medical offices will be the generic "Norovirus" - which is often simply referred to as the "stomach bug" - to find out if you have a Norovirus induced food poisoning illness or a bacterial illness, a stool sample is necessary. Contact a Norovirus or Salmonella Lawyer about your Salmonella Lawsuit.


Food Poisoning lawyer files a food poisoning lawsuit for victims of food poisoning - food poisoning


by Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny, Ph.D.

  • did you eat something that made you ill?
  • have you sought medical attention?
  • did others become ill from eating the same food?
  • did you test positive for salmonella, listeria, E. coli, Cyclospora, Campylobacter, Vibrio, Shigella, ciguatoxin, or another pathogen?
  • has the health department contacted you?
  • was a recall issued on the product you consumed?

These are the sort of things a food poisoning lawyer will ask, and each has a role to play in determining if you have a valid claim for damages or if you are a candidate for a food poisoning lawsuit.