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Food Poisoning Lawsuits are similar in many ways to other personal injury cases, but an experienced Food Poisoning lawyer knows what to look for and how to maximize Your recovery.  Call for a free consultation with a food poisoning lawyer to discuss Your recovery. Our Food Poisoning lawyers will investigate the source,  develop your claim, and as necessary work with local attorneys to safeguard your rights.  Food Poisoning is our specialty.

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There are three MAJOR adn CURRENT food poisoning outbreaks going on at present. Our attorneys are prepared to work with you on your Chipotle Mexican Grill Lawsuit, a McDonald's Cyclospora Lawsuit, a Del Monte Veggie Tray Cyclospora Lawsuits, or any other food poisoning lawsuits.  With years of experience doing nothing but food borne illness cases, our food poisoning lawyers are well-equipped to handle your food poisoning lawsuits or claims!

Chipotle Claim? Cyclospora Illness?


By Food Poisoning Lawyer Dr. Tony Coveny

The filing of a food poisoning lawsuit requires several things, but should be of secondary concern.  The primary (or fist) concern in regards to a food poisoning lawsuit (like a car accident) should always be seeking proper medical attention when necessary, and reporting food poisoning to local health officials to help them prevent the further spread of salmonella, e. coli, listeria or one of the other pathogens. 

The prerequisite to a food poisoning lawsuit is that the victim needs to have ingested a food borne or otherwise communicable pathogen.  Common food poisoning lawsuits include salmonella lawsuits, listeria lawsuits, legionnaires lawsuits, e. coli lawsuits, or lawsuits for Vibrio, scombroid or ciguatera.  Some food poisoning lawsuits are for parasites as well those these are far less common.

Next:  Causation must be proven in a food poisoning lawsuit through either an epidemiological match or a trace-back investigation.  This includes establishing the source of the contaminated food in a food poisoning lawsuit, whether it be a single restaurant, imported food, or widely distributed food or food ingredient. A food poisoning lawyer can help with this.

Next:  A food poisoning lawsuit complaint needs to be drafted and filed in the proper venue and jurisdiction within the proper statute of limitations.   This may mean filing the food poisoning lawsuit in a federal court, or a state court that is implicated as the home of the defendant, the place of the injury, or where part of the transaction took place.  Numerous options often exist for filing a food poisoning lawsuit, and care should be taken in determining where to file such a lawsuit - talk to a food poisoning lawyer.

Next:  Often, media attention may result from filing a food poisoning lawsuit.  This may be helpful in pressuring the company or organization to engage in corrective action immediately.  When filing a food poisoning lawsuit, be aware that it is a public and discus thiswith your food poisoning lawyer.

Fifth:  After filing a food poisoning lawsuit, the parties will need to engage in discovery and other steps to litigation.  There is a strong chance that the case will settle without trial.  For more information about filing a food poisoning lawsuit, call or text 281-851-9343.



Food Poisoning Facts - can i file a food poisoning lawsuit?

Do I Have Food Poisoning? If i do, can I file a Food Poisoning Lawsuit?

is it food poisoning - can you file food poisoning lawsuit?  Requirements  food poisoning lawsuit

The first step is to always the most important - seeking medical attention to make sure that you are safe and have food poisoning.   But a general diagnosis of food poisoning is not very helpful.  A stool culture is the most effective way to identify most of the common culprits that can make you sick, but will only revels some of the pathogens.   For example, norovirus will not appear in a stool culture.  When you are at the doctor's office, if you anticipate pursuing a food poisoning lawsuit, make sure and request a stool test and then REPORT YOUR FOOD POISONING TO THE LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  Documenting the type of pathogen and reporting food poisoning enables the health authorities to locate the source of the outbreak and prevent further injury to people in your community and across the nation.  doing both often helps in preserving your legal rights (filing a food poisoning lawsuit)  to recover medical expenses, lost work and other damages. For many other pathogens, you will need specific information. For specific advice, speak to one of our experienced food poisoning lawyers.  

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What Evidence do I Need to Pursue a Food Poisoning Lawsuit?

Investigating food poisoning is key to a food poisoning lawsuit call a food poisoning lawyer now.

 Anytime you get sick from food poisoning, knowing If you are the only one, or if you are a part of a larger outbreak, is important.  If you are uncertain if you are part of a larger food borne illness outbreak, speaking to a food poisoning lawyer can help because they know about recent outbreaks or know where to look.   There are a number of national and regional recalls in place any anytime, and there are also local and state health agencies who tack the occurrence of food poisoning - you can also check with the CDC or FDA.  Knowing how to determine if your illness is part of a larger outbreak is vital to being able to prove the origin of your illness - if more than one person becomes ill from ingesting a particular product, that product should be tested and the company notified of a potential outbreak.  This is what the local and state health agencies attempt to do, in coordination with the CDC, the FDA, the USDA, and FSIS.   Identifying hte outbreak is a vital piece evidence in your food poisoning lawsuit - getting a stool culture is a vital part of proving that fact.

Filing a food poisoning lawsuit - questions and answers - free consultation at 1-800-224-8146

Is it Too Late to File a Food Poisoning Lawsuit?

SOL filing food poisoning lawsuit - when must you file a food poisoning lawsuit in all fifty states

 You may be entitled to file a food poisoning lawsuit, or at least filing a claim with the insurance agency, in you can find out where you acquired food poisoning.  It is possible you can be compensated for your illness, and even more importantly, you can help state and local agencies make sure that more people are not sickened and prevent it from happening again. 

But you also have to act quickly, some states (like Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana,) have a one year statute of limitations.  Most states have a two-year statute of limitations, with a few states having longer time-periods.  Most states allow a minor to pursue a claim after they turn 18, but medical expenses are often a recovery for the parents who wee obligated to pay them.  Moving quickly is important.

A food poisoning lawyer may help you decide if a food poisoning lawsuit is right for you and to walk you through the process of filing a food poisoning lawsuit or claim.   The process is simple and you have no out-of pocket costs.

Sttute of limitations -Provided for educational purposes only

Why Should I file a Food Poisoning Lawusit? Aren't their too many lawsuits already?

Food poisoning lawsuits are like automobile accidents- insurance to pay food poisoning claims

 A case of food poisoning is like getting hit by an automobile - the driver of the negligent vehicle (in this case, those responsible for the food you ate) will often have an insurance policy to cover situations just like this one - this is very often mandated by state law!   These are not obnoxious or frivolous lawsuits -  but simply the negligent party paying for harm they have caused.  Because we only take confirmed cases, we are certain that the recoveries we acquire for our clients are justified and reasonable.

Talking to a food poisoning lawyer is often the first step in unraveling this.  In fact, in most states, there are requirements on insurance policies for many individuals and businesses, such as availability of a $1 million policy to cover a food poisoning lawsuit.  The availability of money can make things easier, as most food borne illness claims can be settled without filing a food poisoning lawsuit, though the filing of a food poisoning lawsuit is often necessary to attain a FULL recovery. The trade-off is often speed of recovery verses full recovery - again, speak to a food poisoning lawyer.   

What can I expect to get in a food poisonig lawsuit?

How many People get Food Poisoning every year?

How many people gt food poisoning each year - what are the causes of food poisoning - norovirus


An estimated 6,000,000 Americans get food poisoning every year, causing hundreds of deaths and hospitalizing tens of thousands of victims.  That is why food poisoning cases are one of the oldest legal  basis for a lawsuit.  

Most victims get norovirus which is highly contagious and rarely linked to a single source.  Exceptions to this include situations like when sick employees work and the result is dozens to hundreds of patrons getting sick within hours. Norovirus is a 36-48 hour bug in most cases.

The other pathogens account for the remaining illnesses, which are usually much more significant in terms of illness.  Salmonella and E. coli can last weeks, Listeria a month or more if it causes meningitis and encephalitis, and Cyclospora can last months if not treated.    Hepatitis A can last six months.  All of these can have lasting side-effects that can be debilitating and can also be fatal under some circumstances.

Unfortunately, food poisoning lawsuits are available in only a small portion of all food poisoning cases.

Talk to a food poisoning lawyer to see if you have a case

What does it Cost to File a Food Poisoning Lawsuit?

What does it cost to file a food poisoning lawsuit?  Do I pay attorney for food poisoning lawsuit?

 Our services are cost-free if we do not recover for you, and if we do get a recovery for you we are paid on commission  As such, there is no risk to you or having to pay anything up-front or at the end.  Our consultation and investigation are free of charge - you simply have to get us the information, work with us to find the source, and assist in litigating the claim or food poisoning lawsuit.  If you are successful in recovering money,w e will take a commission - but you are always in the driver's seat and have to approve any settlement!

Call for a free consultation and to talk about what a food poisoning lawsuit or claim may recover for you or your family, and find out how easy it is to sign up and get compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, incidental expenses, and pain and suffering.  Our experienced food poisoning lawyers are available to answer questions and to discuss the process.  

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