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Cyclospora is a parasite that  is often traced to imported fresh vegetables and fruit. It is a very difficult condition to diagnose, and can last for months.  It is easily cured, using a sulfate antibiotic like Bactrim, but victims of Cyclospora often suffer for many weeks or months before getting the proper treatment.  A Cyclospora lawsuit can be complex, and having an experienced Cyclospora lawyer can help maximize your recovery!

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Information about Cyclospora Lawsuits and Cyclospora Lawyers

Del Monte Cyclospora Lawsuit

 By Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny 

The Del Monte Veggie Trays sold at Kwik Trip locations, as well as a dozen other outlets, have led to a number of Del Monte Cyclospora lawsuits already.  At lest 227 victims have been identified by the CDC to date and that number is likely to continue to climb as Cyclospora can last months.

Del Monte Cyclospora Outbreak

McDonald's Cyclospora Lawsuit

 By Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny 

McDonald's salads are now blamed for at least 115 illnesses in Illinois and Iowa.  The  McDonald's Cyclospora outbreak was just announced.  Expect McDonald's Cyclospora lawsuits to be filed as soon as victims are informed where their illnesses came from.

McDonald's Cyclospra Lawsuits

Texas Cyclospora Lawsuit

 By Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny 

There is currently an outbreak of Cyclospora in Texas, but the source has not yet been identified.  As such, no  knew lawsuits have been filed yet - Cyclospora is hared to trace since it has a longer incubation period and can be a recurring illness that complicates trace-back efforts.

Updates on Cyclospora Outbreaks in Texas

Previous Cyclospora Lawsuits

 By Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny 

The two most recent outbreaks of Cyclospora that were effectively traced to a source included the Bob's Taco Station outbreak linked to Mexican Cilantro in Texas and the large scale Olive Garden/Red Lobster Cyclospora outbreak that led to hundreds of illnesses throughout the mid-west.  Both outbreaks led to successful recovery for each Cyclospora lawsuit filed.

Cyclospora Lawsuits Are avaialbel to victims

Cyclospora Lawyer?

 By Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny 

Any personal injury lawyer who is licensed in the  state where a claim is brought can prosecute a Cyclospora lawsuit, but experience and understanding the science of Cyclospora illnesses is invaluable when filing a claim or Cyclospora lawsuit. Our experienced Cyclospora lawyers affiliate with state lawyers in all fifty states to help bring expertise to your team.

Having a Food Poisoning Laywer

Multi-State Cyclospora Outbreaks

By Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny

Cyclospora outbreaks are rarely limited to a single state, as imported products are nearly always involved.  This means a legal team is often necessary to handle the litigation.  Importers, foreign suppliers, and domestic retailers are often linked in the supply chain.  Experience in handling these multi-faceted cases is essential - cal one of our Cyclospora lawyers at 1-800-224-8146.

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 By Cyclospora lawyer Tony Coveny

Filing a Cyclospora lawsuit is much like filing any personal injury lawsuit, but it is based upon the proper diagnosis of Cyclospora and the ability to trace the Cyclospora infection to a proper defendant. 

Cyclospora Diagnosis

Being properly diagnosed is difficult, as Cyclospora is not one of the obvious problems that come to mind when medical professionals see a person with gastroenteritis-like-symptoms. A standard bacterial stool test will not uncover Cyclospora, and what is even worse, even a standard parasite stool test will more likely than not miss Cyclospora.  Cyclospora needs to be specifically tested for, and then two or three tests are often necessary.  Unlike bacterial stool tests where the feces is monitored for bacterial growth, the professionals who screen for Cyclospora are actually looking for the parasite or Ova, and only by seeing them can Cyclospora be diagnosed clearly.  

It would be easy if people immediately told their doctors that they suspected Cyclospora, but in my experience as a Cyclospora lawyer, most people often think just think they have the flu, and because it can come and go, ignore it for a while or are treated inappropriately.




The Rare but Dangerous Side Effects

By Campylobacter Lawyer Tony Coveny

According to Web MD, Guillain-Barré syndrome is often noted first by the symptoms in the extremities, including tingling and weakness.   The sensation is often likened to "pins and needles" in the wrists, ankles, toes and fingers.  But these symptoms often spread to the whole body, causing paralysis.  The condition can also lead to a rapid heart rate, irregular blood pressure, difficulty breathing or swallowing, and difficult bladder control.  The onset of Guillain-Barré syndrome is often infectious disease, such as a respiratory illness, Campylobacter, or the stomach flu.  

There is no cure for Campylobacter precipitated Guillain-Barré syndrome, but most victims recover in a matter of weeks of months.  In some the lingering fatigue and tenderness or feelings in the extremities endures for a significant period of time.

Note:  There is little or no evidence that other pathogens lead to Guillain-Barré syndrome, but E. coli has been known to lead to Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS); Salmonella has been linked to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and irritable bowel disease (IBD) and some cases of reactive arthritis;  and Listeria to the still birth or death of unborn children.




by Cyclospora lawyer Tony Coveny

Cyclospora is a hard bug to diagnose - it is easy to ingest and the symptoms are often like other food poisoning, but also have a great dal of bloating and gas.  The come and go, so people often feel they have overcome the illness only to have it start again.  It leads to loss of appetite and often weight loss.  Often these victims are thought to have a bacterial infection, so the y have a stool culture done.  Stool cultures do not reveal Cyclospora.  They may also have an abdominal and pelvic CT, which will not usually show gastroenteritis or colitis - so the physicians are flummoxed.  Even the most astute physicians, who order an Ova and Parasite test (stool test, often referred to as a OP test) are often disappointed, as the traditional test does not observe the Cyclospora oocysts.   A specific test is necessary to detect Cyclospora, and even then, two and three attempts are often needed.

In the interim, the victims of a Cyclospora outbreak are often incredibly ill, very scared, and suffer with no answers.  The ironic thing is that Cyclospora infection in very easy to cure.  Bactrim is an antibiotic that quickly and efficiently destroys Cyclospora.  It operates quickly. So the cure is easy and fast, but the diagnosis and treatment are often withheld for many weeks if not months.  Often only the publication of an outbreak makes victims and their physicians turn their attention to Cyclospora as a possibility. 


Cyclospora lawyer filing cyclospora lawsuits on behalf of victims of cyclospora


Food Poisoning Caused by a Parasite - Cyclospora, the Imported Bug

By Texas Cyclospora Lawyer Tony Coveny

Cyclospora is a relatively rare parasite, not indigenous to the United States of America, but one that turns up every now and again when some imported food crosses into the States.  Very recently, it has been tied to a number of imported goods, mostly agricultural foods, from Mexico, including lettuce and salad mix brought into the U.S. for service at Olive garden and Red Lobster restaurants owned and operated by Darden Corporation in restaurants in Nebraska and Iowa.   The salad mix and/or lettuce was imported from Mexico by Taylor Fresh Foods.  This was only one of two major , identified Cyclospora outbreaks linked to Mexican produce.  The other was from cilantro imported into Texas and used at Mexican cuisine restaurants including Bob's Tacos.  


Cyclospora outbreak recently linked cilantro parsley cyclospora lawyer files cyclospora lawsuit


By Campylobacter Lawyer Tony Coveny

Campylobacter is the most common of bacterial pathogens in food born outbreaks.  It can easily survive on counters and food surfaces for enough time to pass to other food or people at a restaurant or in a home. In a Campylobacter Outbreak, proof is often provided in a positive stool test; epidemiological evidence at the source; and circumstantial evidence of multiple patrons getting sick at the same time with a single common source.  As a Campylobacter lawsuit lawyer, I look for ways to trace back the illness to a single source, and work with the documents provided by medical and public health personnel to try and establish causation.  I many cases, no defendant can be identified, as it is often difficult to prove what food made a person ill.  But when other corroborating evidence is available, a case can be made for a Campylobacter lawsuit or claim. Call to talk to a Cyclospora lawsuit lawyer. 281-851-9343.


Cyclospora lawyer filing cyclospora lawsuits cyclospora food borne outbreak imported foods

 KEY SIGNS OF CYCLOSPORA  What do I look for if I think I have Cyclospora or want tot file a Cyclospora lawsuit?  That really is a medical question, but the CDC gives ood direction on this:  

frequent and watery diarrhea   

often explosive bowel movements   

gas and bloating  

loss of appetite  

significant weight loss  

abdominal pain  

nausea ad upset stomach  

extreme fatigue  

vomiting, body aches, headache, fever, and other flu-like symptoms.

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