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Hepatitis A is introduced into the food supply in this country all too often through imported foods - such a Egyptian strawberries or Turkish pomegranates. The science behind Hepatitis is very different than other pathogens, and an experience d Hepatitis lawyer who understands this can help you recover medical costs, the pain and suffering in an illness that drags on for months, and costs like lost wages. Our Hepatitis Lawyers have tried Hepatitis Lawsuits and settled many  Hepatitis A claims.

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Signs and Symptoms of Deadly Clostridium botulinum

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By Botulism lawyer Tony Coveny 

According to the CDC, never eat food found in the following conditions:

  • a container is leaking;
  • a container is bulging or swollen;
  • a container is broken, damages, or appears abnormal;
  • the container spurts fluid when opened;
  • foam comes out of the container when open;
  • the food is discolored;
  • the food is moldy;
  • the food smells bad.

Botulism Symptoms:

  • blurred or double vision;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • slurred speech;
  • dry mouth and difficulty swallowing;  and
  • general muscle weakness
    Botulism in infants:
  • lethargy, constipation, failure to eat, and weakness.

Hepatitis B - Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis Lawyer

Hepadnavirus is the casue of Hepatitis B, and can be serious.  In about fifteen percent of its victims, the Hepatitis B acute infection becomes a chronic infection which is much more severe.  In chronically infected persons, the virus continues to damage the liver.  

Hepatitis B infection is harder to acquire, requiring blood or other intimate bodily fluids to be exchanged, such as through sexual intercourse or breast feeding.  Tattoo's and drug use with needles are often sources of the disease. 

Globally, an half million to over a million individuals die each year from the results of chronic hepatitis - especially in South-East Asia.

Hepatitis B cannot be passed easily in food, so there have been not food borne outbreaks linked to this form of Hepatitis.

Hepatitis C - Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis A Lawsuit Lawyer

Hepatitis C is the Non-Hep-A, Non-Hep-B  hepatitis.  It is usually transmitted in blood or through sexual contact, and leads to chronic hepatitis sometimes after decades of latency.

Hepatitis A Symptoms and Outbreaks

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Hepatitis A has been linked to a number of outbreaks in Europe, Canada and the United States. It can cause many symptoms, such as:   



•body aches    


•lethargy (fatigue)   

•yellow skin and eyes     

•very light colored stools     

•very dark  urine   

•abdominal pain  

•elevated Liver Enzymes 

As a hepatitis lawyer, I have been involved in the filing of many hepatitis lawsuits related to hepatitis A (HAV) outbreaks in the U.S. Unlike many food borne pathogen outbreaks, an HAV outbreak is unique on many levels. As a hepatitis lawyer I have worked extensively on two recent HAV outbreaks linked to imported berries. in 2013 it was imported pomegranate arils, while in 2016/2017 it was imported strawberries.

Diagnosing an HAV patient is often difficult due to the very different and diverse symptoms that HAV vuases. As a hepatitis lawyer, I have seen victims with few of the traditional signs and others with the dark yellow skin and eyes that are almost conclusive proof of infection if a person is known to have been exposed to a hepatitis outbreak.   Clearly, the most telling evidence is a positive Hepatitis A IgM test, which shows recent infection. 

A positive Hepatitis AB test simply indicates prior exposure, without indication as to how recently the hepatitis was acquired.  That said, as a Hepatitis lawyer, I can tell you that, a positive Hepatitis AB test along with elevated liver enzymes and/or jaundice is very telling!

Can I file a Hepatitis Lawsuit?  A hepatitis lawsuit is dependent upon proper medical diagnosis and testing, and yet testing can also be problematic. Many medical providers will do a full AB test to determine if the antibodies are present, but a positive result only indicates prior infection. That is why it is important to do the proper test to see if the infection is recent.  A knowledgeable HAV lawyer can be helpful is guiding you.

In a hepatitis lawsuit, a claim is  made for medical and wage expenses or losses, injuries and pain and suffering. You should speak to an experienced Hepatitis Lawyer to make sure you address all the issues and claims available in a claim for HAV infection - talk to Hepatitis Lawyer Tony Coveny.

Hepatitis A - Berries and Fruit are Common Carriers

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by Texas Hepatitis Lawyer Tony Coveny

The massive Hepatitis A outbreak linked to Townsend Farms Antioxidant Organic mixed berries, sold frozen at Costco, sickened at least 300 individuals, but likely many more healthy individuals who simply did not know they were victims.  The individuals probably felt tired, worn out, and had other symptoms they associated with a cold, flu, or another ailment. 

Amazingly enough, many healthy individuals can push through a Hepatitis A infection and never really know what hit them.  The victims that were identified in the Hepatitis A food poisoning  outbreak often sought medical attention and were noted for elevated liver enzymes, such as elevations in the AST, ALT, bilirubin, Alk. Phos., and were then given a hepatitis screen.  Some of the victims even turned yellow, a dead-on sign of Hepatitis in many instances.  But there are also many victims of non-viral hepatitis, including those who develop drug-induced hepatitis.  In drug-induced hepatitis lawsuits, the allegations are usually that the physician or administering professional kept a person on a drug for a lengthy or prolonged period of time whilst the drug was damaging his or her liver.  One example I have seen, as a Hepatitis lawyer, was the case of a young woman who developed hepatitis after begin on an antibiotic for 60 days.  The traditional course of antibiotics was extended as she was experiencing a prolonged period of sinus infection. The acute nature of the sinus infection led to increases in the duration of the antibiotics, but no concurrent blood testing was done to determine if her liver could sustain the long onset of antibiotics without significant damage.  She suffered debilitating hepatitis that became life-threatening.Other individuals are often on drugs to treat other ailments, and suddenly find their health taking a steep dive with yellowing skin or eyes, a significant drop in energy, and other signs that their liver is failing.  In many cases, removal of the causative drug may provide the necessary relief and allow recovery of the liver. 

In other instances, the liver damage is significant and a liver transplant is required.  Damages in drug-induced hepatitis cases can be extremely high, including significant medical intervention - especially if a liver transplant is required.  Transplantation can lead to a host of other medical problems as well, so anyone suffering from severe drug-induced hepatitis will need to have excellent medical expertise to evaluate their case and to look at the possible need for future medical attention.


Alaskan Seal botulism outbreak botulism lawyer files botulism lawsuit for viticims


By Botulism Lawyer Tony Coveny, Ph.D. 

At least 25 people  have been made ill fro the use of seal oil made in an Alaskan village called Twin Hills.  Authorities became alerted to the outbreak on December 19th when 2 of the victims had to be flown into Bethel, Alaska, for medical attention.  The victims came from Quinhagak, Alaska.  Because the victims were unable to breath on their own, they were then flown to Anchorage, Alaska for advance d medical treatment.  The program manager for Infectious Disease, Dr. Cooper, called this one of the largest botulism outbreaks he'd seen, an d note this exceeds the number of botulism cases often seen annually in the U.S.   The source is a family who produces seal oil, and according to some local reports, they are not cooperating with efforts to destroy the product.  Dr. Cooper also noted that the seal oil registered the highest level of botulism his instruments could record.

The Botulism victims come from the towns of Quinhagak and Dillingham, Alaska. And while the outbreak may be limited to these 25 individuals,  since the symptoms of botulism can occur within a day to ten days post consumption, new cases may yet be identified. This would be about the 55th time that seal oil has caused  an outbreak of botulism in Alaska.

Note:  Clearly, botulism cases are much more rare than food poisoning cases linked to E. coli, salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Shigella, Vibrio, ciguatoxin, or Norovirus.  But due to their severity, I discuss them here.

Botulism Outbreaks

Botulism outbreaks are rare - Botulism lawyer filed botulism lawsuits for victims botulism outbreaks


By Hepatitis lawyer Tony Coveny 

We may all recall our grandmothers, mothers, or neighbors canning vegetables and fruits and recall the constant reminder that if the process is not done correctly, the unlucky eater could die of botulism.    The key was in the preparation of the food, and that remains the constant in botulism cases.  Botulism is preventable though proper food handling and processing techniques, and because those have been adopted by nearly every manufacturer who provides food in the US, botulism is rare.  But on occasion, proper food handling and manufacturing procedures are bent, and cases of botulism are uncovered.

Botulism Outbreaks

Botulism is, luckily, rare.  There are usually about 145 cases of botulism in the U.S. annually, this according to the CDC:

15% and from eating infected

65% are known as infant botulism

20% come form an infected wound

The food borne illnesses, or food poisoning,  are rarely from large outbreaks, though they do happen.  One such outbreak was in 2007, when investigators identified botulism in hotdog chili sause that was canned by Castleberry's Food Company.  In that outbreak there aere three reported cases in Texas, three in Ohio, and two in Indiana.

As for wound infected botulism, most of these cases are related to black-tar heroin use.  For more information, contact a Botulism lawyer here.

Hepatitis Lawyer - Hepatitis Lawsuit

Diagnosing Hepatitis A

Hepatitis lawyer files hepatitis lawsuit when food borne hepatitis outbreak sickens hepatitis victim


The most common way to acquire hepatitis A  known as infectious jaundice)  is through the oral-fecal-route. Consumption of contaminated water, raw food, or other contaminated products can lead to infection.  An infected person often begins to suffer symptoms between 15 and 50 days after consumption.   Hepatitis is hard to diagnose, and hence many people do not know they have it. In addition, the symptoms often do not show up for two to 8 weeks. 

Most doctors do not consider Hepatitis as a possible cause unless they see the yellow eyes or skin or do a liver enzyme test that comes back abnormal.  To establish the foundation for a hepatitis lawsuit, your hepatitis lawyer will need a positive test, as well as proof of purchase to establish a link between your illness and the hepatitis outbreak.  A test for IgM antibodies in the 4 to 12 week window after infection can diagnose an acute infection. A test for IgG antibodies anytime post-5 weeks after infection shows that a person has been infected in their lifetime. 

 Our Hepatitis lawyers file lawsuits on behalf of Hepatitis victims across the nation with attorneys in all fifty states. The Hepatitis lawsuits allege negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty. Hepatitis A is an especially contagious virus, and can pass easily in food. It is not killed by freezing, and hence is a significant public risk. Companies that sell a contaminated product are making money on selling a  product that people have a right to believe is healthy for them. 

Recent Hepatitis A Outbreaks - Hepatitis A Lawsuits

How often is Hepatitis A part of an outbreak? Ask a Hepatitis Lawyer about Your Hepatitis Lawsuit.


By Hepatitis attorney Tony Coveny, Ph.D.

Hepatitis is a common enough ailment that most of us recognize it by name - but it is rarely linked to a food borne outbreak.  Individual cases of Hepatitis A are linked to consumption of tainted food or water, especially when travelling abroad.  But in the U.S., an outbreak that is recognized by the CDC or the FDA is relatively rare.  Hence, Hepatitis lawsuits are rare - most people get sickened, either through the negligence of others or the failure to practice good personal hygiene when necessary, especially when traveling.  But rarely is an entity, such as a single food producer or a restaurant. recognized as the source of a wide-spread outbreak.  When it is, victims of the outbreak can contact a hepatitis lawyer for a discussion of their possible legal rights and what grounds there may be for filing a hepatitis lawsuit..

In 2003, there were more than 550 hepatitis A victims whose illness could be traced to green onions served at a Pennsylvania restaurant, Chi-Chi’s.  There were also three fatalities, and 9000 customers had to be immunized!

In 2013, the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene traced a grouping of hepatitis A illnesses to had been traced to the New Hawaii Sea Restaurant in the Bronx after learning that one employee and four patrons of the restaurant had fallen ill with hepatitis A infections

In April 2008, health officials in San Diego traced a number of Hepatitis A infections to a restaurant in La Mesa, California  the Chipotle Grill restaurant

2013 - Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Frozen Berries were sold at Costco throughout the Western U.S.  They were later linked to  a large number of Hepatitis A  illnesses.  Costco removed the berries from its shelves and many potential victims were given a vaccine for hepatitis A

Note:  Hepatitis is a viral infection, unlike E. coli, salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, or a parasite, like Cyclospora.  As such, this aprticular type of food poisoning is not susceptible to the same PFGE analysis and is not identified in stool samples or cultures,.  Elevated ST, ALT, and other liver enzymes are used to assist in diagnosis.  

Hepatitis A is often accompanied by yellowing of eyes and skin and can be diagnosed by a liver test.

Hepatitis A is often accompanied by yellowing of eyes and skin and can be diagnosed by a liver test.