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Filing a food poisoning lawsuit or claim requires several things.  Your primary concern should be seeking proper medical attention and testing,. Next, reporting food poisoning to local health officials - the County - to help prevent the further spread of salmonella, e. coli, listeria or one of the other pathogens. 

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By Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny

The prerequisite to a food poisoning lawsuit is that the victim needs to have ingested a food borne or otherwise communicable pathogen.  Common food poisoning lawsuits include salmonella lawsuits, listeria lawsuits, and e. coli lawsuits, or lawsuits for Norovirus, Vibrio, Scrombroid, Cyclospora,  and ciguaterra.  Some food poisoning lawsuits are for parasites as well those these are far less common.  

Next:  Causation must be proven in a food poisoning lawsuit through either an epidemiological match or a trace-back investigation.  This includes establishing the source of the contaminated food in a food poisoning lawsuit, whether it be a single restaurant, imported food, or widely distributed food or food ingredient. A food poisoning lawyer can help with this.  

Next:  A food poisoning lawsuit complaint needs to be drafted and filed in the proper venue and jurisdiction within the proper statute of limitations.   This may mean filing the food poisoning lawsuit in a federal court, or a state court that is implicated as the home of the defendant, the place of the injury, or where part of the transaction took place.  Numerous options often exist for filing a food poisoning lawsuit, and care should be taken in determining where to file such a lawsuit - talk to a food poisoning lawyer.  

Next:  Often, media attention may result from filing a food poisoning lawsuit.  This may be helpful in pressuring the company or organization to engage in corrective action immediately.  When filing a food poisoning lawsuit, be aware that it is a public and discus thiswith your food poisoning lawyer.  

Fifth:  After filing a food poisoning lawsuit, the parties will need to engage in discovery and other steps to litigation.  There is a strong chance that the case will settle without trial.  For more information about filing a food poisoning lawsuit, call or text 281-851-9343.

 Keep in mind Food Poisoning Statute of Limitations for each of the 50 states determine how much time you have to file a claim!  For a list of the  most interesting Outbreaks being investigated or related material click here!  

See below for a BLOG that covers the most recent, and interesting issues in food borne illness and Food Poisoning Outbreaks.  The food poisoning lawyers at this firm often discuss current food poisoning lawsuits and teh casues of thoes food poisoning outbreaks.

Food Poisoning and Imported Foods Linked to Outbreaks


By Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny  

Food distribution  is international, or universal, now.  It is imported from the four corners of the globe, including berries from Turkey, tuna from India, baby food from China, cantaloupe and cucumbers from Mexico, and avocados from Chile.  The challenge  comes down to monitoring this ever universal flow of food.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration verifies only a small portion of all product coming into the U.S. (the FDA regulates most foods, except for non-fish meat, which is under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Under the USDA is the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) which, like the FDA, actually inspects very little of the imported product. 


This leads to food being on the shelves that has been grown or manufactured without U.S. government oversight and without ever having been inspected or tested for pathogens like salmonella, Vibrio, Shigella, E. coli, Listeria, ciguatoxin, Cyclospora, or other pathogens.  This may not meant he food is bad, it just means the food is a potential source of a food borne outbreak and nobody will know about it until individuals  get sick.  Unfortunately, we have seen this happen over and again in recent years, with a major outbreak of Cyclospora linked to both cilantro and lettuce/salad mix from Mexico and pomegranate seeds imported from Turkey.  And often the buyer is unaware, as nothing tells a consumer where the food came from or what testing was, or was not, performed.  In the case of Townsend Farms Organic Anti-Oxidant frozen berries, this organic source came from an Oregon company.  A small notice on the package notified consumers that the product might contain ingredients from various other locales, but the product was primarily marketed as a U.S. organic berry mix - unfortunately, in contained Hepatitis A.  What's more, it was sold at one of America's premier retail outlets, Costco.  A few years back, the culprits were pepper imported from Vietnam and tuna imported from India (both contained Salmonella).   What consumer at a sushi bar, or putting pepper on his eggs at any restaurant in America, is going to inquire about thesource of the food or spices?

For ease - feel free to text me with any questions at 281-851-9343!  I look forward to answering your questions.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an experienced food poisoning lawyer on your team when considering whether or not to file a claim for a food poisoning lawsuit?

Medical Treatment for Food Poisoning


 By Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny  

Anytime you get sick from food poisoning, knowing if you are the only one, or if you are a part of a larger outbreak, is important.  If you are uncertain if you are part of a larger food borne illness outbreak, speaking to a food poisoning lawyer can help because they know about recent outbreaks or know where to look.   

There are a number of national and regional recalls in place any anytime, and there are also local and state health agencies who tack the occurrence of food poisoning - you can also check with the CDC or FDA.  Knowing how to determine if your illness is part of a larger outbreak is vital to being able to prove the origin of your illness - if more than one person becomes ill from ingesting a particular product, that product should be tested and the company notified of a potential outbreak.  

This is what the local and state health agencies attempt to do, in coordination with the CDC, the FDA, the USDA, and FSIS.   You may be entitled to file a food poisoning lawsuit, or at least filing a claim with the insurance agency, in you can find out where you acquired food poisoning.  It is possible you can be compensated for your illness, and even more importantly, you can help state and local agencies make sure that more people are not sickened and prevent it from happening again.  A food poisoning lawyer may help you decide if a food poisoning lawsuit is right for you and to walk you through the process of filing a food poisoning lawsuit or claim.

"Filing a Food Poisoning Lawsuit" by National Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny

Does location matter?  Yes and No.  As a national food poisoning lawyer, i have worked on cased in most states across the country - but always with the partnership of a lawyer licensed in that state.   States license lawyers who are proficient and knowledgeable about state laws,.  My experience is in food safety and the infectious diseases caused by food borne pathogens.  When you retain me to work with you, and I partner with a state lawyer in whatever state the cases end up being filed (a very complicated think in food borne illness outbreaks - as companies responsible are often in many states) you get the best team without incurring any additional costs.  We are paid on commission, and that commission is split by a fee-sharing agreement between the attorneys.  There is no additional cost to you in attorney's fees.

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The food poisoning lawyers at the Coveny Law Firm stay on top of all the recent food borne illnesses making the news in the U.S.  Our food poisoning lawyer blog provides current information about food poisoning lawsuits and food borne illness outbreaks across the nation.  You may contact  our food poisoning lawyers here.  Currently:  Need to Discuss a Shigella Claim?